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After what has been a tough and testing time for so many of us, not being able to see each other in a social setting and losing many loved ones, it was great to finally be able to go out and have some fun with the team at Escape rooms.

If you’ve not seen the movie, you may very well ask ‘what is an escape room?’ As our guide Adam put it. It is a room you escape from. Sounds simple enough, right?

We started off by splitting into two teams of six, each embarking upon our own rooms. It was quite interesting seeing everyone debate on whom they did, or did not want in their teams. We did get it sorted eventually and I had, what I thought at the time, the A team.

My team, formally known as the A team, were in the bio holocaust room where we had to escape before a lethal toxin was released into the London sewage system, potentially wiping out London as we know it “ahhhhh!” In the blazing heat of our room you would have been forgiven for believing the toxins had already been released, however despite the soaring temperature, we battled on courageously. Teammates became frustrated with each other and the natural competitiveness of our team was spilling out as we battled to save London. I’m not too sure why, considering I was doing most of the work.

We were allowed to ask our guide, Adam, for clues and please believe there were many times we sought assistance; Adam most certainly earnt his crust. On most occasions when we were given a little helping hand there were looks of dumb foundedness. The clues were very tough and there’s very high probability that without Adam, London wouldn’t be the place it is today!

Before our allocated escape time elapsed we were given some, light inspiration. Our colleagues in the other team had completed their task with time to spare and were very vocal in letting us know, Fantastic!

After finally managing to save London (luckily the lethal toxin was delayed by 10mins, and a bloke called Adam) both teams had a new mission. The winners from the first tasks embarked upon the ‘Jokers Asylum,’ (one team member down due to an extreme fear of clowns) and my team got stuck into – no pun intended, a prison escape, based on a notorious serial killer entering a room and fleeing without anyone knowing how he did it.

Once again, despite my brilliance and the other team being a lady down, the other team managed to escape their room before us, great. With suspicions on my team growing that the other team had probably just asked for clue upon clue in order to escape, we begrudgingly offered our congratulations before commencing with the final challenge of the evening….London’s underground.

All in all, it was a great team bonding evening with the Truuli family. I would highly recommend a visit to your local escape room!

Leigh Thomas

Truuli property expert

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