Truuli are backing calls for a Property MOT in the private rented sector…

Researchers from the University of York have called for the introduction of a Property MOT, operating in a similar manner to the system for cars whereby the condition of homes are checked on an annual basis.

In summary, the report states that current regulation of the sector is ‘confused and contradictory’, ‘failing at multiple levels’.

The report reveals that conditions of a property worsen the longer tenants are inhabiting, with poor property management being the root cause; affecting both low and high income renters. One in five rented homes at the top end of the market and one in three at the bottom end are currently classed as non-decent. The report warns of a ‘slum tenure’ emerging at the bottom end of the private rented sector due to welfare reforms.

‘Unbelievably, there are currently no minimum standards that properties have to meet before they are let and as a result, millions of renters have to put up with damp, disrepair and sometimes life-threatening hazards,’ said Dr Julie Rugg a leading housing academic at York University.

Pros of a Property MOT:

  • Provide a set minimum standard which must be met by all landlords in the private rented sector
  • Simplify and bring together current requirements for checking gas, electrical, and energy certificates
  • Offer tenants a guarantee before signing a tenancy, assuring the property will be well managed and that standards will not lapse in the future
  •   Afford landlords greater clarity and protection against prosecution

At Truuli we believe the needs of private renters have been ignored for too long and it is time the government introduce legislation to provide decent, secure and affordable homes – particularly for those on low incomes.

Link to full report

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