Is the hybrid working model the way forward?

  • Our homes are still our offices. UK workers are going into the office an average of 1.5 days a week.
  • Hybrid working is here to stay. More than 80% of workers said their firms had adopted the hybrid model according to a survey for The Chartered Management Institute (CMI). 53% of renters indicated that they would choose a rental property quicker if it was furnished to enable comfortable home working (Property Academy).
  • The UK is widely in line with other countries according to the Advanced Workplace Associates survey which suggests people are coming into the office an average of 1.4 days per week, with North America and Latin America having the lowest attendance.
  • The average number of days spent in an office varies from sector to sector. In the CMI survey, people working in banking were spending most time in the office while those working in tech had the lowest attendance. Source: Dataloft, BBC News, Advanced Workplace Associates, Chartered Institute of Management, Property Academy

In 2020 during the pandemic, I like many of our vendors, had to make space in my home for an office I brought a desk, chair and many other items to set myself up comfortably at the back of my dining room.

Now, two years later, when I am going into houses in the Thornton Heath area I am still seeing the same set-ups in many of our vendors’ homes. I am even seeing vendors who have built offices in their rear gardens.

With a large majority of people still yet to return to their offices, working from home now seems to be the norm. I have spoken with a number of vendors who believe they are more productive working from home than going to an office.

If you have added an office or workspace to your home and would like an up-to-date market appraisal to see if it has added any value to your home, please get in touch to arrange a suitable time for us to visit. Alternatively, if you are considering adding an office to your home and would to know how this could affect the price of your home, please get in touch at your convenience to arrange a free no obligation market appraisal.

Leigh Thomas – Truuli Property Expert

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