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The ultimate guide to the Croydon area (updated 2023)

Croydon is located on the edge of London, making it a great place to stay if you’re looking for easy access to the city Centre without paying high accommodation prices. With plenty of places to eat and drink, plus numerous activities, Croydon is a vibrant and diverse area with something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what this amazing borough has to offer. Places To Eat and Drink in Croydon

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Wallington Area Guide (updated 2023)

Wallington is a suburban town in south London between Croydon and Sutton. It offers affordable family houses and three grammar schools. Wallington can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon times, with its name derived from “Waletone” – meaning “village of the Britons”. As recorded in Domesday Book 1086, William The Conqueror held it at that time and enjoyed a significant range of assets; 11 hides, 2 mills, and 8 acres

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Truuli property experts take on the world’s toughest property game

Monopoly The game which has brought together and torn apart families and friends for years. A game that taught many of us how to invest, how an investment works, and for some of us the first properties we ever owned! If you are anything like me, then Monopoly will still be a nostalgic part of family life. Many late nights have become early mornings whilst trying to rule Mayfair and

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Rental market expected outperform sales market over next 5 years

House prices have gone through the roof in recent years, but they are now falling amid soaring inflation and rising interest rates. Whilst landlords are raising rents to try and counter increased mortgages, they are still managing to find tenants capable of paying these higher rents. Ultimately, with the cost of living crisis, many people just can’t afford to get onto the property ladder to own their own homes. Buying V

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Sanderstead Area Guide

Sanderstead is a quaint village at the southern tip of Croydon in south London, with fascinating ties to English history and name origins – especially for those associated with the Sanders surname! The area includes Purley Downs as well as Sanderstead Plantation, offering an idyllic woodland escape that features London’s second-highest point. This picturesque parish was once part of Surrey County until 1965 when it became a district within Greater

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Could downsizing your home save you half a million pounds?

For many homeowners, downsizing from a large home to a smaller abode can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to save money. By capitalising on their home equity – the difference in prices between selling a larger property and purchasing a flat or smaller abode – substantial savings can be made. According to data the average price difference between a 3+ bed house and a 2-bed flat is £161,728

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