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Rental market expected outperform sales market over next 5 years

House prices have gone through the roof in recent years, but they are now falling amid soaring inflation and rising interest rates. Whilst landlords are raising rents to try and counter increased mortgages, they are still managing to find tenants capable of paying these higher rents. Ultimately, with the cost of living crisis, many people just can’t afford to get onto the property ladder to own their own homes. Buying V

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Sanderstead Area Guide

Sanderstead is a quaint village at the southern tip of Croydon in south London, with fascinating ties to English history and name origins – especially for those associated with the Sanders surname! The area includes Purley Downs as well as Sanderstead Plantation, offering an idyllic woodland escape that features London’s second-highest point. This picturesque parish was once part of Surrey County until 1965 when it became a district within Greater

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Could downsizing your home save you half a million pounds?

For many homeowners, downsizing from a large home to a smaller abode can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to save money. By capitalising on their home equity – the difference in prices between selling a larger property and purchasing a flat or smaller abode – substantial savings can be made. According to data the average price difference between a 3+ bed house and a 2-bed flat is £161,728

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UK pet ownerships reaches all time high

Pets have always been the go-to companions for many people in the UK. They can help to combat loneliness and, in some cases, help with people’s mental health. According to dataloft figures, 1 in 3 households owns a dog, and just under 1 in 3 owns cats with indoor birds, rabbits and hamsters making up the top five most popular pets. As someone who is an avid fitness fanatic, when

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Were the wise men better off gifting property instead of gold?

The story of the Three Wise Men gifting gold to the baby Jesus has been told for centuries, but what if one of them had given him something else? Had the Magi known about the value of property, they could have given the gift of a house and it would have grown in value much faster than gold has done over the past 10 years. Let’s explore the numbers and

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The Growing Demand for Garden Space in Homes 

Gardens and green space are becoming increasingly important features for home movers and renters alike. According to recent surveys by the Property Academy, 87% of home movers and 72% of renters state that a garden is an important factor when looking for a new property. This trend has been further supported by Rightmove’s latest data, which ranks gardens as one of the top five key search terms used by prospective

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